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FAQ about Medical

CSE Medical Staff

Many of our staff have years of experience with children with diabetes and camping.  Our core group of medical team memebers has a combined total of 75 years of diabetes camping experience!


We aim for a camper to staff ratio of 1 : 3, with a licensed medical team member assigned to each age group of campers (~ 10 - 15 per group).


Our camp medical team is available 24 hours a day during camp. We check sugars on every camper between midnight-2am each night to ensure optimal safety.


Are all licensed in the State of South Carolina,

Love working with children of all ages,

All pass a background check,

All receive diabetic training prior to camp.

The medical staff is expected to be professional, hard working, team players and communicate well. 


Various duties include:
  • Assist campers & staff in all aspects of daily camp life

  • Monitor blood sugars

  • Assist with carb counting

  • Administer insulin

  • Supervise pump site changes

  • Administer home medications

  • Provide first aid

  • Assist with camper check-in & check-out

  • Assist with camp closing

  • Have fun