SCYDA Foundation

and Board Members

Susan Newton, RN
Program Director

As a DiaMom myself, I have seen the value in diabetes camp.  My son, Tyler was diagnosed at 14 years old. Diabetes shouldn't be a handicap.  I enjoy volunteering and watching these kids grow.  They can grow up and do and be anything anybody else can.  I feel that through SCYDA and Sweet Escape, I can help make a difference.


I am a certified surgical nurse, and have been a registered nurse for twenty-eight years.   I enjoy participating in various activities in my church, especially the children and youth departments.  I also have two dogs and twenty chickens.

Kirby Bowen
Program Director

Over the past decade, I have volunteered at four diabetes camps, and through these efforts, I have been tremendously inspired by the courage and compassion of the many kids with Type 1 diabetes. I have had the pleasure of getting to know, and am gratified to have been a positive part of their lives.  Becoming involved in SCYDA/Camp Sweet Escape will enable me to expand on doing work that truly matters.


Personally, I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife, Frenise, in 2014, and am the proud father of Brooks and Mackenzie, he  is a senior and she is a sophomore, both at Clemson. I enjoy reading, exercising, writing and all sports. 

Dr. Chris Houk
Medical Director

I am a board certified pediatric endocrinologist.  And, I am also a father.  I believe that all children deserve to be healthy and happy.  SCYDA and Camp Sweet Escape help provide some sense of "normal" for kids with diabetes. Being a SCYDA and camp volunteer refresh me; it's an indescribably positive thing to see these kids playing and interacting with each other.  


My family time is important to me; I enjoy spending time with my wife and five children.  I also enjoy time on my tractor and working on my gentlemans' farm. I'm really a country boy at heart.  

Traci Scott, RN, CDE

I am a DiaMom; my son Matthew was diagnosed at 7 years old.  I was a registered nurse for 14 years before I discovered that my passion is taking care of children with diabetes and helping other families adjust to type I diabetes.  I absolutely love these kids and diabetes camp!


In the things that I do on a daily basis, many of them won't really matter or make a difference fifty years from now, but I feel like participating in SCYDA and Camp Sweet Escape will make a difference for these special kids.

Amy Mikola, RN

Although my background is emergency room nursing, I enjoy working with kids.  Diabetes camp is one of my favorite weeks of the entire year!  It gives these special kids a week of "normal".  I feel very priviledged to be a part of this adventure; I think it will play a very positive part of who they grow to be as adults.


I enjoy my family time, and I love animals, especially dogs.  I also enjoy pretty much anything outside.  

Karen Mack,

I am part of SCYDA because of the heart and soul of the volunteers. The volunteers, my friends, are selfless and compassionate. Together we have the opportunity to educate children about diabetes and health while we learn from the children how to love and play first and foremost. 


My hobbies include water related activities with my family; I am a mother of four.  I love being involved with my children from schoolwork to play. 

Liz Brady, RN

I have worked in diabetes for 16 years.  I started as a diabetes educator in a pediatric endocrinology office and have had a soft spot for kids with diabetes since then.  I feel that diabetes camp can be a vital part of their overall well-being.  I am so excited to get to be a part of what I feel will be a beautiful place for this to happen.  I am also a mother of two wonderful boys.

Abigail Brice-Nash

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